LXSeries Pro Licenses

The LXSeries Pro license covers LXBeams and LXConsole running on MacOS and LXFree for Java running on Windows. An LXSeries Pro license is required to use this software for for-profit and/or professional purposes. LXBeams2Go for iPad is not covered by the LXSeries Pro license and is available separately through the AppStore.

License Type:Individual$125.00 USD
Professional$99.00 USD*
MacLux Pro(tm) User$99.00 USD**
LXSeries Forum Member$99.00 USD
Academic single License$89.00 USD***
Academic Site License up to 10 users$495.00 USD
Academic Site License up to 20 users$795.00 USD
Academic Site License up to 32 users$995.00 USD

*Professional Discount given to members of IATSE, ABTT, USITT, OISTAT, ITI, ESTA, PLASA, AIST, USA, ALD, IES.

**MacLux Pro(tm) user discount requires valid MacLux Pro serial number.

***Educational Discount given to individual teachers and students, not institutions.

LXSeries Pro licenses are specifically keyed to the licensee.

Licenses are purchased by clicking the "Purchase License..." button found in the license window of the LXBeams application or in LXFree for Java's Options window. Payment is handled securely by PayPal (PayPal account is not required). License codes are individually generated and e-mailed after receipt of the license request and payment.

Advanced features of LXBeams are not available without a license. However, LXBeams is fully functional (enabled by internet authorization of the e-mail address used for download) for up to 14 days. This temporary license allows use of LXBeams for evaluation but does not allow any LXSeries software to be used for commercial purposes.

Notice: Enabling LXBeams' features using a temporary license requires authorization via internet when an application is started. The e-mail address that was used to download the software is required for verification. Without a software license code or temporary authorization, the advanced features of LXBeams are not available.