LXBeams for Mac OS X

LXBeams is an advanced, professional application for creating lighting designs.
LXBeams combines drawing a light plot with editing information associated with the design. LXBeams produces reports by linking the graphics, attached data, and additional databases. LXBeams displays beams, calculates illumination values and can render a 3D view. LXBeams gives you the ability to customize libraries and reports. LXBeams shares data with other applications such as SketchUp, imports/exports AutoCad DXF files, receives DMX, and sends OSC.

LXBeams is covered by an LXSeries Pro license. You can download and try LXBeams using a temporary license authorized by an e-mail address. Permanent licenses are purchased through the LXBeams application.

The latest build of LXBeams 6 is version 6.6.0 (20919.1). Version 6.6 is the current release version (OS X 10.14 and later, requires Metal compatible GPU for rendering).