LXSeries Pro Download for OS X

The LXSeries Pro installer includes LXBeams and LXConsole. LXSeries Pro software requires a Macintosh computer with an Intel 64bit processor running OS-X 10.9 or later.

To download LXSeries Pro, enter your e-mail address below and click submit:

You will receive an e-mail with a link to the download. You will also use this e-mail address as a temporary license code activating the software (see below). Your e-mail address will only be used for tracking and authorizing use of the LXSeries software (see privacy).

LXBeams is fully functional (enabled by internet authorization of the e-mail address used for download) for up to 14 days. This temporary license allows use of LXBeams for evaluation purposes. LXConsole does not require a license code to unlock its features. However, use of LXConsole for commercial purposes requires a permanent LXSeries Pro license. LXConsole is available separately from LXBeams.

An LXSeries Pro demo license is time limited to 14 days from the date of the download request. A purchased license does not expire.

Enabling LXBeams' features using a temporary license requires authorization via internet when an application is started. The e-mail address that was used to download the software is required for verification. Without a software license code or temporary authorization, the advanced features of LXBeams are not available.

The LXSeries Pro license covers LXBeams and LXConsole running on OS X. It permits for-profit and/or professional use of LXBeams and LXConsole. LXBeams2Go is not covered by the LXSeries Pro license and is available separately through the AppStore.