LXSeries Pro for OS X

LXSeries Pro for OS X includes LXBeams and LXConsole.

LXBeams is an advanced, professional application for creating lighting designs.. LXBeams adds the ability to display beams, calculate illumination values and render to the basic LXFree platform.

LXConsole is an application for creating, editing and re-playing lighting cues. LXConsole has ArtNet or DMXUSB output along with MIDI, MSC and OSC connections. (LXConsole is also available as a separate download).

LXSeries Pro for OS X is available for download.

The software is fully functional when used with a 2 week temporary license that allows the use of all of LXBeams' advanced features for evaluation purposes. The temporary license is enabled via network authentication using the e-mail address provided for receiving the download link.

The LXSeries Pro license covers LXBeams and LXConsole running on OS X. The permanent paid license permits for-profit and/or professional use of LXBeams and LXConsole. LXBeams2Go for iPad is not covered by the LXSeries Pro license and is available separately through the AppStore.