LXSeries Software
Plot and Paperwork
LXBeams* (Mac) Download v5.5 Latest Build: 5.5.1 (14623.1)
LXBeams2Go for iPad iOS Download v3.0.0 Now Available!
LXFree (Mac) Download v5.5 Latest Build: 5.5.1 (14623.1)

and Linux)
Download v2.1.0 (12021.1) updated 2-21-19
Cue Editing and Playback
LXConsole* (OS-X) Download v5.4.6 Latest Build: 5.4.7 (13409.2)
LXConsole|Python Python Download v0.4
Arduino DMX Arduino Download
Open Source (multiple platforms)
LXNet2OpenDMX (OS-X) v0.2.3 (B12) latest 7-10-2016
LXScriptPlayer (OS-X) v0.9.2 updated 10-24-2010
     (* = included in LXSeries Pro)