Thank you for downloading LXFree for Java

Please choose the link that best matches your
operating system and Java version.

Windows 64bit  OpenJDK runtime includeddownloadsBest for 64bit systems.
Linux 64bit  Java 8+ (**)Debian dpkgInstall:~$ sudo dpkg -i lxfreeforjava_x64.deb
Older/Alternative Versions
Operating systemJava versionlinkNote
Windows  Java 1.8download msiFor systems with Oracle ( Java 1.8.
Windows 64bit  for OpenJDKinstructionsUse for separate OpenJDK download and install.
Windows 32bit  Oracle Java 8 JREdownload msiOlder version for 32bit Windows systems with Java 8 installed.
Linux 32bit  Java 8+Debian dpkgOlder version for 32bit systems.

(**) Rendering on some 64bit versions of linux requires openJDK 1.8.0 due to issue with

Java is a trademark of Oracle Corporation.


If you have a newer computer with a 64 bit version of Windows and a high DPI display, you will want to use one of the OpenJDK 11 installers. Like other Java based applications, LXFree for Java may appear small when used with a high resolution display. Java 9 and later has interface scaling that is compatible with high DPI screens.

The standard installer includes a copy of Open JDK and requires no other installation. (If you have another version of Java installed elsewhere, it shouldn't be a problem.)

If you'd like to obtain or build a separate version of Open JDK, you can download just the LXFree for Java application. The instructions tell you where to put the copy of Open JDK so that the LXFree for Java launcher can find it. This location has changed over time. So, if you install an update, be sure to re-read the instructions for locating the copy of Open JDK so that the LXFree for Java launcher can find it.

Important: If you are updating a version of LXFree for Java older than v1.2.0, you must use the control panel to uninstall LXFree for Java before you attempt to install an update. If you have trouble with installing an update, remove the older version with the Programs and Features control panel and then install the newer version.


LXFree for Java is distributed inside a Debian install package (.deb) and includes a desktop launcher.

To install, open a terminal window and change to the directory containing the lxfreeforjava.deb file:

~$ cd Downloads

Then type:

~$ sudo dpkg -i lxfreeforjava.deb


LXFree for Java is still being developed and tested. Please help by providing feedback on problems encountered using LXFree for Java.

Please post any problems you find to the LX Series Forum

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