LXFree for Java

Windows OpenJDK Installation Instructions for Java 11

1)  Download and Install LXFree for Java 11.

After the install you will get a message that the application requires a JRE and the openJDK webpage (https://jdk.java.net/11) will open in your browser.

2)  Click on the Windows/x64 zip link to download the openjdk in a zip file.

3)  Choose to save the zip file to your Downloads folder.

4)  Look in Downloads for the OpenJDK zip file.

    At this time it is named "openjdk-11.0.1_windows x-64_bin.zip"

5)  Right click the downloaded zip file and choose >Extract All...


    Uncompress the zip file into the Downloads folder.

    Inside the extracted folder is the folder you want to move and rename.

6)Type "%APPDATA%" into the address bar.

    If there isn't a folder named "Java" in the %APPDATA% folder, make one.

7) Move the folder you located at the end of step 5 into the %APPDATA%\Java folder. Re-name this folder "jdk-11.0.1". It does not matter if the jdk inside is a different version.

8)  You should have the following directory structure:


11)  Double-click the LXFreeForJava application to verify that it launches.