LXFree/LXBeams Bugs

Reported bugs.

If you have a problem with LXFree or LXBeams please let us know. We want to make LXSeries the best possible software.

The LXSeries forum is the best place to post a bug you've found. The following is a list of reported bugs and their current status.

v3.x on 10.8 There is an issue when launching LXFree or LXBeams with multiple open files. After starting and opening multiple files, occasionally the Inspector will not be synched to the top file window. The solution, for now, is to switch away from LXFree/LXBeams and back. This will cause the Inspector to re-synch properly. This issue is intermittent and is under investigation as of 6/2013.

Prior to 1.3 beta Issue with imported LXX files where a text field is displayed on the plot in the imported file but the corresponding field does not exist for the kind of key entry in LXFree. These fields should be ignored when a plot is imported. However, some previous versions may have incorrectly imported text fields that can cause a crash in certain circumstances. LXFree 1.2.3 and later should scan and remove these fields any time a plot is opened.

v1.0.1 Download contained incorrect installer file. Resolved with corrected download.

v1.0.0 Inspector tabs were out of synch so that the layers tab was displayed instead of the "No Selection" message. Resolved v1.0.1

12/10/07 Page setup changed when plot opened. Plots saved with older versions of LXFree did not preserve enough information to restore the page setup correctly for some printer drivers. These plots need to have page setup and document size checked before printing. Resolved v0.9.1211

7/17/07 Vertical ruler problem. If you can reproduce this, please let us know. Probably connected to flipped Y axis. ("Y Positive At Top" box unchecked) Resolved v0.7.31