LXSeries Example Files

Below is a list of example files that you can download. All the examples are in XML based .lxxplot format which can be opened by LXSeries applications running on various types of hardware and operating systems.

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Dance Festival

This is a generic dance festival plot for a proscenium theatre. It shows the use of a number of features: The location of the booms is mapped for section view; The legs and borders are drawn using 3dLines; There are multiple layers and saved views.


Dance Festival

This is a large dance festival plot for a theatre with a fixed grid. It shows the use of moving lights and color changers as well as dimmer doubling and multiple universes.


12 inch Truss

This plot shows lights hanging on 12 inch type truss. The truss sections are drawn as grouped objects that include positions on the long sides.


Pre-Rigged Truss

This plot shows a basic layout using pre-rigged truss sections. The sections are not grouped as in the 12 inch example. However, the sections and pars can easily be grouped, rotated if desired, and re-used in other plots. This example also illustrates the use of linked focus points.


Lund Stadsteater

This plot shows lights and positions drawn on an imported ground plan. The ground plan is downloaded from http://www.scenrum.nu. The plot uses metric measurements and European fixtures.