LXSeries Pro Pandemic Response Page

Pandemic Response Discount: In response to the global covid-19 pandemic, special discount pricing on LXSeries Pro licenses is available. If the pandemic continues to adversely affect you, you can claim this discount. When requesting a license, select the "Professional" license type and enter "covid" in the discount info field. Note that the pandemic has hurt everyone in the entertainment industry. So please, only claim this discount if you need to.

To download LXSeries Pro for MacOS, click here.

To download LXFree for Java for 64bit Windows, click here.

Instructions (PDF)

Learning Materials

The Light Lab is an example file and instructions that students can use to explore different angles of light and to create renderings of their work.    Click Here for the Light Lab page.

Learning LXSeries files from IATSE Local 728 LXBeams workshops are available on GitHub. Included in the repository are PDFs of slides, example files and more.    Click Here to access the GitHub repository.

If you would like to support LXSeries free applications and learning materials, you can make a donation:

Note: Donations are not tax deductible in the US at this time.

Thank You!