LXFree for Java

LXFree for Java and OpenJDK Installation

This version of LXFree for Java requires 64bit Windows and OpenJDK in order to run.

Click here to download an installer for both

LXFree for Java and OpenJDK 11.

This is a large ~200mb download. Do not run this installer from your browser. Save the file to your Downloads folder and the open it from there.

OpenJDK 11 is installed at %AppData%\Java


The copy of OpenJDK installed with LXFree for Java is licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 2, with Classpath Exception as provided at https://openjdk.java.net/legal/gplv2+ce.html

The link to seperately download the JDK is https://jdk.java.net/11/

To obtain the source code for this JDK, clone the JDK 11.0.1 Mercurial repository (https://hg.openjdk.java.net/jdk-updates/jdk11u) and update to the tag jdk-11.0.1+13.

The source code can also be obtained at https://www.claudeheintzdesign.com/lx/downloads/jdk11u-da724382dab4.zip.

For more information about OpenJDK 11, see https://jdk.java.net/11/

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Java is a trademark of Oracle.
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