Can I run 2 version of LX

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Can I run 2 version of LX

Postby nizer » Tue Nov 16, 2021 9:15 am

I am still too chicken to switch over to LX 6.xx. I have so much tweaked in my older 5.6x version.

I was wondering if I could run a copy of LX 6.xx at the same time as 5.6x to use a way to patch on control the moving lights at a venue? I have a MKII DMX interface that supports 2 universes or I could use a USB DMX Pro as a second interface. I think (but am too ignorant to be certain) the LX 6 would make it easy to patch and quickly record a few cues with some of the venues movers. I can't tell you how many times I get to a venue with a ton of beautiful movers but the lighting person can't program them on their console or it takes hours to do what should take minutes.


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Re: Can I run 2 version of LX

Postby admin » Tue Nov 16, 2021 10:47 pm

You can't run two copies of LXConsole on the same computer. They would both use the same preferences. Which means you couldn't direct the outputs differently. And, other connections like OSC would be unpredictable in which running copy would respond.