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Welcome! & Terms of Use

Postby admin » Thu Apr 05, 2018 9:29 pm

Welcome to the LXSeries Lighting Software discussion forum.

Here are some requests and tips for using the forum:

*If you are looking for the answer to a question or have a problem, take a moment to search the forum.
Someone else may already have posted a solution.

*When posting your question, please take a moment to look at the topics
and post to the one that is the closest match to your subject.

*Please do not post questions about a different topic at the end of a previous discussion,
start a new topic!

*When asking about a problem, take the time to include as many specifics about your situation as possible. At the very least, include the exact name and version of the software you are asking about and what type of system you are running it on. For example, "I'm using LXConsole 5.3 on MacOS 10.13 and ..."

Terms of Use

By joining and posting to the forum, you agree to these terms of use.

This forum is for discussion of LXSeries software and is open to anyone who, in good faith, wants to join the dialog. It is expected that persons posting to the forum are interested in contributing to knowledge of how to create lighting, and how to use the software and how it might be improved. Because people having this desire may come from diverse backgrounds or perspectives, it is expected that comments should be respectful and given in a spirit of cooperation and generosity. Please be considerate.

Disagreements are allowed as long as they are presented in a constructive, respectful and helpful manner. Posts that attack, seek to harass and/or, threaten another person or group will not be tolerated. Examples of posts that are not acceptable are ones that make generalized comments about groups of people (i.e. by gender, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, etc.), posts that specifically demean or make negative comments about a person or group of people, posts that contain sexually explicit comments or images, and posts that contain divisive or exclusionary language.

Everyone who uses the forum should feel respected and safe to express their ideas. If you feel that other users have violated the spirit of these terms of use, please contact the forum admin. If you do this via e-mail, your comments will be considered confidential.

Users who do not appear to be lighting or LXSeries software and who post off-topic spam will be removed from the forum with no notice.

Users who appear to be spam robots, especially those that copy and paste irrelevant text from other posts will be removed from the forum with no notice.

Posts that contain unrelated advertising will be removed from the forum with no notice. Mentions of products and services related to the discussion subject are allowed. However, outright advertising and solicitation should be minimized.

Participation in the forum is at the sole discretion of Claude Heintz Design. Your right to free speech does not extend to violating the rights or dignity of others nor to violating the spirit of these terms of use. By joining and posting to the forum, you agree that Claude Heintz Design will be the arbiter of any disagreement about conduct and determining violation of these terms of use in letter or spirit. Users that violate these terms of use may either be warned or may have their use of the forum suspended without notice. Action taken will be the sole discretion of Claude Heintz Design.

If you feel that your membership or access to the forum has been removed in error, please contact the forum admin. If you wish for your membership and associated information to be deleted from the forum, please contact the forum admin. You have a right to your personal information. However, you agree by joining and posting to the forum that comments and ideas posted become the property of the forum.

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